We offer technically advanced material handling solutions

We serve you more then 33 years

The main products of our company are various types of cranes, hoists, hoists and their accessories.

Also in our offer you will find means for hanging and gripping loads (travers, c-hooks, tongs, magnets, grabs, suction devices).

We make custom-made traverses according to the customer’s requirements.

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Cranes and crane tracks
malý žeriavový systém

Small crane systems

The small crane system KT 2000 is used where it…
Cranes and crane tracks

Column and console cranes

Column and cantilever cranes with load capacities of 125-5000 kg…
Cranes and crane tracks

Mobile hoists

Technological hoists are intended for light and medium-heavy operation. They…
Electric hoists
Elektrické reťazové kladkostroje

Electric chain hoists

The new type series of STAHL CraneSystems GmbH chain hoists…
Electric hoists
Elektrické lanové kladkostroje

Electric rope hoists

The new type series of STAHL CraneSystems GmbH type SH…

Manual manipulation technique

BRANO manual lifting mechanisms are characterized by a very favorable…

Crane components

Beneš-Žeriavy, s.r.o. supplies these components for cranes, lifting equipment and…

Power systems

Offer of various power supply systems…
Cranes and crane tracks

Overhead cranes

Single-girder or double-girder bridge cranes with capacities of 125-250,000kg (electric)…
Cranes and crane tracks
Portálové žeriavy

Gantry cranes

Single-girder or double-girder gantry cranes with load capacities of 125-100,000kg…

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