Gantry cranes

We offer technically advanced material handling solutions


Load capacities: 125-250,000 kg, manual 125-10,000 kg

Spans: up to 30,000 mm

Crane construction

  • determines its shape, as a rule, cranes are delivered single-girder or double-girder with rolled or welded main girders
Portálové žeriavy
  • lifters are the most important part of a crane, therefore our company equips cranes with electric hoists from STAHL CraneSystems GmbH or manual BRANO, which are supplied with rope or chain, while they are characterized by a very favorable ratio of weight and performance
  • at the customer’s request, the crane can also be equipped with a hoist from another manufacturer, the hoists are equipped with a single or double hook
  • the crane can be equipped with a device for grasping the load (grab, magnet, etc.)
  • mobile ones from STAHL CraneSystems GmbH are equipped with two speeds as standard, while they are characterized by a very favorable weight-to-performance ratio
  • it is completely supplied from the world’s leading manufacturers, electronic systems are installed in cabinets with IP 54
  • electrical drives of cranes can be controlled by frequency converters or triggers, power supply of cranes can be via overhead line, covered overhead contact line, or open overhead contact line
  • the cranes are controlled from the floor by an overhead controller (movable across the bridge), from the cabin, from a basket or by a remote radio controller
  • it is possible to agree according to the customer’s submitted requirements
  • žeriav osadený mechanizmami STAHL CraneSystems GmbH je takmer bezúdržbový a vyznačuje sa bezporuchovou dlhodobou prevádzkou s nízkymi prevádzkovými nákladmi
  • mechanizmy s ručným pohonom sú určené pre menej vyťažené prevádzky
  • so žeriavom sa dodáva návod na údržbu a obsluhu spolu s predpísanou dokumentáciou

Crane tracks

Our offer also includes designing and manufacturing crane tracks. We can also reconstruct an existing crane runway.