Mobile hoists

We offer technically advanced material handling solutions


Load capacities: 125-25,000 kg

Crane construction

  • The support structure of the hoist consists of a beam made of a rolled “I” profile, or of rolled “HEA”, “HEB” and “IPE” profiles. The beam can be fixed in various ways to the structure of the structure (building), or it is possible to create a separate structure anchored to the floor
According to the requirements, it is possible to supply the hoist with different types of hoists (rope, chain). Various lifting speeds are available with and without micro-lifting, with two-speed and one-speed electric travel. Lifting heights are normally from 3m. The hoist can also be equipped with a manual chain hoist. The control force of a manual hoist does not exceed 300N.
As standard, the mobile lift is supplied with a single hook. According to the customer’s requirements, it is possible to make different devices for gripping the load (crossbars, special hooks, self-grip pliers, magnets, scales,…) for specific loads to be carried.
Hoists can be supplied with complete electrical equipment, switchboards fitted with modern electrical elements, enabling different movement speeds with the possibility of control by frequency converters. Also, according to need and requirements, the lifter is equipped with limit switches. On request, it is possible to supply the equipment in a non-explosive version Ex.
The mobile hoist can be controlled by a hinge. controller from the floor. The suspended controller can be rigidly connected to the hoist, or it can be on a separate summing trolley. If required, the lifter can be equipped with other types of control (wireless radio,…).
The electrical voltage is supplied to the hoist by a summarizing cable line, formed by a galvanized “C” profile, carriages and a flat cable. For longer lengths of the hoist path, it is more appropriate to use a covered plastic trolley.
It is possible to agree with the manufacturer on different versions of the design, e.g. there can be two or more independent hoists on the supporting profile.
Technological hoist is intended for light and medium-heavy operation. It is suitable for transporting loads between machine tools and wherever the path of the transported load is precisely determined. (Use in a different environment, or heavy operation, must be discussed with the manufacturer).

Crane tracks

Our offer also includes designing and manufacturing crane tracks. We can also reconstruct an existing crane runway.