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Our company, Beneš – ŽERIAVY, was founded 1.2.1990 by Mr. Beneš. Since the beginning the company´s concern was the crane service. It should be noted that the owner was already experienced and practiced in the area. These experiences were useful in his later praxis in his own company.

Since 1990 to 1992 the main concern was in consulting, training and testing of the cranes. In 1992 the company adopted the first employees and has extended its portfolio of other activities including the repair of cranes, crane service and reconstruction.

Extension of business, professional growth and the background has succeeded and in 1994 the first cranes has been made. The author of the first projects of new cranes was Mr. Beneš. Manufacture of the new cranes conducted in rented manufacturing places. The company changed its position several times to obtain the most attractive location of geographical position and the optimum conditions for production. In 2003 the company bought own production places that were in 2008 extended for a further production hall and storage space.

  • food industry (cheese production, etc.)
  • chemistry (aggressive environment, the risk of explosion)
  • paper industry (warm and dusty environment)
  • painting (explosion hazard)
  • metallurgical and engineering industry (high temperature, radiant heat, dust)
  • STAHL CraneSystems GmbH SRN
  • Schneider Group
  • Wampfler
  • automatic filling crane, Zlieváreň Liberec
  • coal processing, Tušimice, technological cranes
  • Hyundai mill, Nošovice
  • cranes in manufacturing, Matador Automotive Púchov, Vráble, Nitra
  • outflow crane, Slovenské elektrárne
  • stop-log, tower, slewing cranes, Vodné dielo Čuňovo
  • manufacture of concrete precast, overhead, gantry cranes, INVEST Šaľa

Company Beneš – ŽERIAVY belongs to modern Slovak companies with the activity also abroad which is open to any innovations in technology and administrations that are useful and necessary to further positive developments.

Beneš cranes lift instead of you!

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Beneš cranes lift instead of you!

Important people

Slavka Benešová

Jaroslav Oršula
Executive Director

Bc. Katarína Gajdošová
head of economical department